SATURN goes direct on September 6th at 2° Capricorn. If you've been feeling stifled, trapped or stuck in the mud with no where to turn, then have faith that now you will begin to see a glimmer of progress.  Saturn transits over the area of the zodiac that it's been traveling since April 18 when it went into retrograde. By mid-December, it finally catches up to where it started (Look for 2˚- 9˚ Capricorn in your natal chart). Infrastructures may need repair; bridges, roads, roofs, basements and personal skeletal structures that support our bodies such as knees, hips, teeth.

JUPITER and PLUTO will be standing 60˚ apart on September 9. This bring us one final act in an ongoing drama (since 1/15/18). Jupiter has been in the sign of Scorpio since October 2017 pointing to hidden matters and whatever has been suppressed. The realm of Pluto/Scorpio/8th House includes situations dealing with sex, drugs, control, and obsessions. The ensuing disclosures will continue to bring darker matters into the light of day to be purged and transformed.  Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in Capricorn reminding us to search the past in order to clear out what has grown toxic in the existing hierarchy of societal "structures"  in order to, once again, bring them up to code. Honesty and willingness to let go of what is toxic is a necessary part of the process. 

All of us have been going through some dismantling of our own "structures" especially those that have been neglected or no longer serve our highest good. The forthcoming changes will help with the rebuilding. Globally, nationally and personally, this has been an arduous and painful process of revelation that has required us to step up to the plate in order to repair the damage done. Often, with situations concerning personal health, it requires embracing dis-ease rather than trying to destroy it. 

MARS SQUARE URANUS is causing deep instability on many different levels. Uranus rules weather, so we will most likely be seeing a continuation of upsetting weather patterns - some causing major upsets not only in USA but other countries as well. Venus opposig Uranus is also impacting this whole alignment is shaking people up on many different levels. Uranus is a pretty slow moving planet so when there are major aspects with a planet like Mars, there can be some pretty volitale "transactions" and actions.

PLUTO will go direct at 18° Capricorn on September 30. Since this outer planet moves at a snails pace, quite often it's impact is not fully apparent until we look back with 20-20 hindsight.  A Pluto transit may often leave behind a trail of destruction similar to a burned field. Once it's over, the ground is ready for new growth and grass grows greener than ever. 

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 22, the day the Sun moves to 0˚Libra. This year it is followed by the Full Moon in Aries. The Sun, Mercury and Ceres are all aligned in Libra (relationship, money, love) squaring Vesta and Saturn in Capricorn on one side and Chiron in Aries on the other. This corresponds to trouble on a few different levels. One of them is to see what the financial markets do around this time for an indication of upcoming changes. As structures are being dismantled, many are in the process of being newly created. Libra is about balance reminding us that we need nothing else other than keeping our hearts open and stepping into this Aquarian age with the fullness of who we are, bringing our gifts to the alter of humanity.

The Full Moon in Aries, also known as the Full Corn Moon or Harvest Moon, occurs on September 24. This is the time of month when we reap the rewards of seeds previously sown. Whenever the Moon is in Aries, the prevailing energy is more fiery and singular in purpose. Aries stands alone on the threshold of a tension filled mission, often moving too quickly and without thought for others.  As with all full moons, emotions are peaked and the overall energy tends to be more chaotic. This is a reminder to slow down, get more rest and avoid gatherings where conflict may arise. Do your very best to stay grounded, thoughtful and help to maintain peace in the eye of the storm.